People - Emotions - Landscape - Solutions



PEOPLE – EMOTIONS – LANDSCAPE – SOLUTIONS is an international event reflecting a process towards the formation of sustainable societies living along national borders. The frontier is often a sensitive place. Perceived as a barrier, the border is only a perceived barrier in our minds. Any limits we may perceive are imposed upon human beings by fellow human beings. Being aware that we share the same water flowing down the mountains, breathing the same air around us, we, as Europeans, should feel as free as the birds flying across the landscape. The European Capital of Culture Pilsen 2015 has triggered an opportunity to sit around the table and to set a new course for discussing the development of the communities whilst placing the border to one side to create a landscape without the barriers. What should matter to everyone is the quality of life in the landscape we all share. This should be the future we really want. The invitation to this conference is to everyone for whom such a notion is close to their heart and embedded in their spirit. Those who are thinking beyond constitutional limits and wish to become a part of a free, proactive and creative society.