Akoreacro: Klaxon

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Sídliště Košutka (Košutka housing development)

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10. 11. 15:30 - 15. 11. 15:30

At the core of the French ensemble Akoreacro are four acrobats who will arrive in Pilsen to perform their Klaxon show. This ensemble is not used to creating under a single director; every one of them adds their ideas, views, thoughts, and inspirations to the mix. The resulting shape of the performance is then moulded further, even by the audience itself. Klaxon offers a showcase of very vivid and swift acrobatics, with the entire ensemble flying through the air, its members sometimes ending up at truly perilous heights. Feast your eyes as the stage hosts a literal swarm of acrobatic pieces and feats. The tremendous energy of the artists is bolstered by a live musical accompaniment performed right on the stage; the circus increased its ranks in 2009 with four musicians, Guilhem Fontes, Boris Vassalucci, Guillaume Thiolliere, and Mathieu Santa Cruz, all of them coming from different corners of France, Italy and Portugal.

Akoreacro has been living new circus for almost ten years. Whilst the playful and rather complicated name of the ensemble has no specific meaning, you can notice allusions to certain terms such as accord (chord), corps (body), and acro (acrobat). It is those three words exactly which form the essence of the entire philosophy and artistic work of the group.

10, 11, 13, 14, 15 November