A creative production called Aladin is the product of a Czech-French team led by the artist and theatre actor Matěj Forman. The show was developed in 2013 and 2014 in Theatre du Jeu de Paume in Aix-en-Provence in France. The impulse for this collaboration was the moment when Marseille became the European Capital of Culture. This epic production for the whole family will be presented to audiences in Pilsen in February and March. The viewer, via the narrator and a changing set, enters the fascinating and ever-inspiring tales from One Thousand and One Nights. The show is full of puppets, exotic props, melodies and images, and will entertain viewers of all ages. The adventures of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp and the tales of brave Scheherazade remain enticing and evoke a world of stories and adventures in adults and children alike.

The scenography, costumes, masks and puppets have been produced by the Forman Brothers Theatre and Andrea and Josef Sodomka. The music was composed by the young Czech composer Daniel Wunsch. Animation for this production is by Anna Krtičková. The group is made up of the Czech dancers, actors and puppeteers Veronika Švábová, Tereza Hradilková, Jakub Hradilek, Jan Bárta and Miroslav Kochánek.

Foto: carreau-forbach.com

The stories of One Thousand and One Nights were created over several centuries along the path from the Far East to Europe. This production also includes a strong travel theme.

Culture Knows No Boundaries

The Pilsen 2015 project is mostly based on collaboration with foreign partners and their connection with local artists and cultural agents. This collaboration works on several levels and is projected into the main programme as well as smaller events. We can see examples of the international collaboration on every page of this publication. We would like to present two main areas where we have managed to create new activities or support existing ones: the collaboration with Mons in Belgium, the other European Capital of Culture in 2015; and a very strong connection with our Bavarian partners.

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