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06. 09. 11:30 - 27. 09. 11:30

The city we live in deserves our attention. Angel Fest is a festival of volunteer activities with a clear aim: to contribute to the repair and beautification of public space in Pilsen and to promote volunteering and socio-cultural non-profit organisations in our city. Apart from various interventions in the public space, the project will also include further social, cultural and other beneficial activities. Let’s give the city more colour and greenery; let’s contribute to a better coexistence, more comfortable handicapped mobility around the city; let’s inform people about the opportunities to volunteer; and let’s open Pilsen up to the world! The greater we are in number, the more visible the result. We create our city together! The second season of the festival will take place in September 2015. Follow our website at You can get involved as a volunteer for one or more events listed, by submitting your own project or by supplying work material. We will clean up and improve Pilsen’s parks, paint underpasses, repair and paint benches, construct wheelchair ramps and much more. Join in as an individual, send your employees to help, submit your own project! There is also a supporting programme including a concert, a rich programme of non-profit organisations, open days, debates etc.

Partners: The City of Pilsen, Public Goods of Pilsen City Administration, Pilsner Urquell, Plzeňská teplárenská, Totem – RDC, DoRA (Regional Volunteering Agency), 72 hours and all lovely applicants with their own volunteering projects who can join the festival.