European Neighbours' Day 2015

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30. 05. 14:00 - 31. 05. 16:00

Come and meet your neighbours! That is the motto of European Neighbours' Day. In its first year, the event took place on 31st May 2014, when this neighbourhood festivity replaced Melina Mercouri Day, which, annually from 2010 – the first year of the candidacy, would on one Saturday in June turn busy Americká Avenue into a pedestrian boulevard animated with culture. But Pilsen is not confined to the city centre alone and many organisations and associations operate in the separate urban districts, so why not use their help and enliven the entire city? This idea was at the heart of the inception of a new feast of neighbours, one which has been emerging across Europe for the last couple of decades.

The first-year programme offered day-long activities including guided tours through urban districts, a rich afternoon programme prepared by more than 20 local organisations within epicentres scattered across Pilsen and an evening devoted primarily to neighbourhood festivities. This significant innovation consisted of a call trying to involve all Pilseners who could prepare dinner with their neighbours right in the streets in front of their houses. Over 5,000 Pilseners joined the day-long programme in 2014.

European Neighbours' Day is an excellent opportunity to promote activities and skills in the place where you live. Also, 2015 will see us opening a call for the implementation of the focal points of the programme and for the involvement of those active and interested from the ranks of the general public. In the meantime, you can look forward to our continued support during the neighbourhood dinners prepared by you yourselves. So, if you fancy joining the neighbourly atmosphere, remember to keep an eye out for our participation calls and set aside the last weekend in May.

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