Farewell to 2015: Starting Anew

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07. 12. 19:00 - 12. 12.

Farewell to the year 2015. Open up 2016!

Pilsen citizens, visitors, audiences, artists and partners,
We would like to thank you for your attention and support, and recapitulate with you our experiences of the culture-loaded year 2015. We are not preparing any opulent celebrations, just a week full of various cultural events to choose from. The week will open with a tribute to Frank Sinatra in Měšťanská Beseda; we will go to the Christmas Concert 2015 with the Václav Hybš Orchestra; we shall dance with the MTO Universal and the Sklep Theatre's dance orchestra at DEPO2015; we will celebrate the 145th birthday of Adolf Loos in his interiors; we will invite you, along with the Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra and Adam Plachetka, currently the brightest star in Czech opera, to an opera gala at DEPO2015; and together we shall enter the Czech Book of Records by creating the longest photo album with photos produced for Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015. The festive week will close at DEPO2015 with the snowboarding show HORSEFEATHERS CITY JIB, which will attract the biggest snowboarding stars to Pilsen.

Everything must end one day. Unfortunately, this also applies to the Pilsen – Capital of Culture 2015 project.
"We have had a year when often too many events were happening on the same day and it was not possible to visit all of them. We have seen a year when Pilsen was visited numerous times by European and international artists working in various genres. It has been a year dedicated to artists born in Pilsen, such as Jiří Trnka, Gottfried Lindauer and Ladislav Sutnar, who in a virtual sense returned to their hometown. A year in which Pilsen treasures were gradually opened to the public – the Adolf Loos interiors which also hosted Pilsen artists and cultural organisers mainly from the younger generation.
We also managed to significantly revive the industrial premises of the former transport depot and transform it into the DEPO2015 Creative Zone, where culture and business meet.
It has also been a year when Pilsen became a much sought-after place on the cultural map of Europe. Not only beer and industry but also culture has been woven more deeply into the identity of our city, transforming it and inviting visits.

This was greatly supported by the extraordinarily rich and varied programme of the European Capital of Culture, which is now drawing to a close, but I believe that several projects will continue on and become a permanent part of the cultural landscape of Pilsen. If this is the case, then 2015 will have been a decidedly successful year."
Martin Baxa, First Deputy Mayor for Culture, Tourism, Heritage Preservation and Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015.

The programme:
7 December Tribute to Frank Sinatra | Měšťanská Beseda (The City Clubhouse) | 7:00pm
8 December Václav Hybš and Orchestra | Peklo Culture House | 7:00pm
9 December Ben Cristovao | Peklo Culture House | 7:00pm | CZK 329
10 December Adolf Loos Interiors | Bendova 10, Klatovská 12 | Brummelův dům, Husova 58 | 90/45 Kč 
10 December MTO UNIVERSAL PRAHA: Music You Won't Hear Anywhere Else – Thank God! | DEPO2015 | 8:00pm | CZK 290/145
11 December Opera Gala with Adam Plachetka | DEPO2015 | 7:00pm | CZK 390/195
12 December #fotoalbum2015 | Route from Republic Square to DEPO2015 | 3:00pm–6:00pm | FREE ADMISSION
12 December HORSEFEATHERS CITY JIB  | DEPO2015 | 14.00-24.00 |FREE ADMISSION

What are we preparing for next year
The year of Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015 is drawing to a close but Pilsen will definitely not disappear from the cultural map in the future. Pilsen 2015 will also play its part.
The Guardian Angels Club and the Hidden City project with its popular Neighbourhood Walks will continue. We won't be losing the lecturing and educational programmes for young entrepreneurs, artistic residencies and literature evenings in Loos interiors. The DEPO2015 Creative Zone is one of the most interesting places in Pilsen, where you can indulge in culture, create, indulge in some D.I.Y., produce, educate, learn, meet, relax, work and spend your free timeactively; it is more than ever full of creativity and has been preparing an open workshop – Makerspace – for new users with the option of renting a place in the co-working office. There will be something for people who like unusual exhibitions. Next year's programme will include the Electro Swing Pilsen night, the DEPO STREET FOOD MARKET, the Festival of Light and the dance festival Aerowaves Spring Forward. There will also be the European Neighbours' Day, the Weeks of West Bohemian Baroque and the Days of Bavarian Culture.

List of events for 2016

The Pilsen Family Photo Album – A Paradise Among Four Rivers | Until 31 January 2016 | DEPO2015 / Low Pillars
To Film | 18 February–24 April 2016 | DEPO2015 / Low Pillars 
Adventurers | 5 May–15 August 2016 | DEPO2015 / Low Pillars
Plastic and its World | 8 September–31 December 2016 | DEPO2015 / Low Pillars and Squares

Electro Swing Pilsen vol. 4 | 12 February 2016 / 8:00pm | Peklo Culture House
DEPO STREET FOOD MARKET nr. 2 | 20 February 2016 | DEPO2015
Žebřík 2015 | 11 March 2016 | DEPO2015
The Festival of Light | 18 & 19 March 2016 | DEPO2015 and the centre of Pilsen
Aerowaves Spring Forward 22–24 April 2016 | DEPO2015, the New Theatre, Papírna, Moving Station
European Neighbours' | Day 27–29 May 2016 | Various places around Pilsen
The Open UP conference | 8–10 June 2016 | DEPO2015
Weeks of West Bohemian Baroque | July–August 2016 | The Pilsen Region
Design Thinking Festival | 16–17 September 2016 DEPO2015
The Days of Bavarian Culture | 22–25 September | 2016 Pilsen

Thank you!
A big thanks to all those who helped along, participated in the Pilsen – European Capital of Culture project and supported Pilsen, a cultural city of European importance where it really became (a)live(ly) this year. It’s not over yet! You can look forward to more events next year, such as the Festival of Light, the European Neighbours' Day, exhibitions at DEPO2015 and more.
A big thanks also to all the visitors, spectators, listeners, tourists, enthusiasts and positive people, as well as constructive critics. We hope that you enjoyed the cultural events of various genres and opened up your Pilsen.
Thank you. Without you, we would not be European Capital of Culture 2015!

Keep following us at www.plzen2015.cz and www.depo2015.cz