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20. 02. 12:00 - 21. 02. 23:45

The Opening Ceremony of the Light Festival on Friday 20 February:

The Light Festival programme will officially open at 8:20pm, just before the special opening of Pecha Kucha Night at DEPO2015. The guests and performers at the very first public event on the premises of DEPO2015 will include some of the artists and authors of the light installations.

1. Shadows / Hiroko Matsushita (JAP) / DEPO2015

2015, performance, silk paper, reverse projections

The Japanese artist Hiroko Matsushita will create delicate and sensitive paper installations, in the spirit of Japanese craft traditions, in the dramatic environment of the DEPO2015 creative zone. As part of the artistic residencies in Pilsen, he will present his project Shadows, which uses reverse projections on silk paper. In both his art and his public workshops, he will remind us that light is not just a basic need for us but that it also brings beauty and assurance into our lives.

2. Light Bottles / Kazumi Kashimura (JAP) / Playground by the River Baths

2015, installation, used plastic bottles, LED light sources

The young Japanese artist Kazumi Kashimura has been working with the phenomenon of light in all its forms as part of her artistic residency in Pilsen. Her light installation will try and bring to life the "souls" of common plastic bottles which will brighten the Radbuza riverside with the help of thousands of miniature LED light bulbs. Kashimura will introduce installations comprised of hundreds of recycled plastic bottles converted into unexpected sculptures, and will react to the topics of ecology and recycling in her own way.

3. Speederman / David Černý / Café Papírna

2014, light sculpture, fibreglass, LED displays, steel, electronics, 380 cm tall

The significant Czech artist David Černý often surprises with his distinctive views, provocative gestures and controversial art workshops. The public space in Prague now contains several of his sculptures, including the installation of Miminka (Babies) on the Zizkov TV tower as part of Prague – European Capital of Culture 2000. Černý will bring to Pilsen his sculpture Speederman that was introduced during the 2nd season of the SIGNAL Festival.

4. Transmitter / Jakub Nepraš / under the Millennium Bridge

2012, video sculpture with sound, perspex, wood, objects found on the ocean shore, 230 x 220 x 300 cm, 8-minute loop, 2 projectors

It has been proven that water has a specific memory. The ocean must keep and transform all information the flowing water has collected on the way from its source through our homes and cities all the way to the ocean. Does it also have a widespread memory like space or the internet might have? Words and their meanings have a big effect on the global emotional wellbeing and mood of present-day society. We can measure some signals far beyond the stratosphere borders. Even further, they are absorbed by the unlimited space which transforms them into noise. We can't read back this noise but it still exists and is peppered with fragments of our screams. The author of the installation is the visual artist Jakub Nepraš, who combines media, video and sculpture in his work.

5. HEARTS / Gabriela Matušková, Štěpán Svoboda, Štěpán Kuczman – The Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Arts and Design of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen / Koranda Choir

2015, interactive installation, hardened polypropylene, LED lights

The heart is a strong symbol. It is a geometric shape which loses none of its humanity. The artistic interactive installation by three multimedia students is unique in its grandness and technical features. It is a geometric heart hung in space reacting to its environment, music and people's behaviour through lights and animation. It connects art and cybernetics. It interlinks humanity with cutting-edge technology through light and music. It is an installation which will connect people together for a moment – they will participate in creating the final effect and through their actions, they will be able to affect what is happening above their heads.

6. La Plante / AV Exciters (FR) / The Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen

2015, video mapping

AV Exciters is a group of architects and designers from Strasbourg creating digital prototypes and new technologies. On the line dividing reality and the virtual, AVE create unusual architecture through microarchitecture and interactive installations. These artists, who create international-standard video mapping, are preparing a project for the Light Festival tailor-made to the historical building of the Museum of West Bohemia.

7. Uranium Figure / Rony Plesl / Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, Františkánská Street

2013, chandelier, uranic glass, UV lamps, electronics

The hanging light relief Uranium Figure is made of tubes from precious green uranic glass and invites visitors to contemplate. Each tube contains a UV lamp giving the uranic glass an intense green-yellow glow. The author of the sculpture, Rony Plesl, has won the Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award and Czech Grand Design Award. He worked for four years as a designer in the oldest family firm in the world, the glass factory Barovier & Toso, and worked on the artistic look of the Cartier exhibition in Prague. He has been working for ten years with the German company SAHM and since 2008 has been the Head of the Glass Studio at the University of Applied Art in Prague. He works for research clients both at home and abroad, and mostly works on grand architectural projects and free creation. His works are represented in prestigious collections at home and abroad.

8. SPAM Interpretation of B&W structures of Zdeněk Sýkora / Vladimír 518 and David Vrbík / subway crossing on Tyršova Street

2013, video & audio presentation, 8-minute loop

The audio-visual project SPAM is an expressive visual and audio interpretation of geometric paintings by Zdeněk Sýkora. It tries to find the method and principle of his work by setting Sýkora's works in motion and showing the audience some unexpected and elaborate structures from his abstract paintings. The video, co-created by David Vrbík and Ondřej Anděra, shows how art is related to mathematics. SPAM is a project of Vladimir 518 and David Vrbík with their regular guest Ondřej Anděra from the WWW group. The main topic of the project is the synchronisation of visual and audio elements – laser, video, audio and light – into one unit, and their reciprocal composition and decomposition.

9. Die Herde / Axel T. Schmidt (DE) / Pilsner Urquell beer cellars

2015 / 2005, site specific installation, gas tubes, tainted glass, metal construction, battery engine

"I put my world on its feet and I use all sorts of materials and devices!" The German artist Axel T. Schmidt will use the beer cellars to present his installation Die Herde, composed of more than forty red and blue lamps with pulsating light which rotate. Their turning slows down and gradually comes to a halt. But Die Herde goes on.

10. A Cloud / Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett (IRL) / Pilsner Urquell courtyard

2012, light sculpture, 3rd copy (2014), classical light bulbs, LED light bulbs, steel, ball chain

The installation A Cloud is made up of a thousand classical household light bulbs. Combined with LED light bulbs, this gives a new potential to electrical waste; it inspires awe and encourages festival-goers to cooperate and try and collectively switch the CLOUD off and on again. During preparation, the authors collected burnt-out light bulbs from their neighbourhood, which created an informal relationship with the public, lowered the production price and made the participants think about alternative uses for their home appliances. The installation has been greeted with great interest from audiences and has managed to enchant viewers in Calgary, Moscow and Chicago as well as in Czech regions. Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett work with various media and materials – from classical light bulbs to recycled architectural waste. They engage in interactions in the public space, art in an unusual context, recycling of household waste, community collaboration and play. The artistic duo co-created many installations in places destined for demolition (The House Project, Wreck City).

The CLOUD installation from the ZIBA collection is on loan from the Museum of Modern Glass in Prague, www.ziba.cz

A. A special chillout - The Municipal Radbuza River Baths

To celebrate the Light Festival and the Chinese New Year, Chinese lanterns will be lit above the river baths, fire will be lit up by the river and the river baths will be uniquely floodlit. Friday's programme: Geld und Money Theatre Plzeň: Ošidori little ducks; Pražské S'-ču: traditional Chinese music; NoTa: a dance show of Inspiration in haiku. Saturday's programme: a display of Pilsen’s frost-hardy folk; the passing of a floodlit dragon boat; the ambient rhythms of DJ Zjook; Žonglér o. s.; an Asian-style fire show. On both evenings: hot food; a warming fire; a Chinese lion; a ferryman; and a lantern procession to the viewing point with a nocturnal surprise. A detailed programme and up-to-date information can be found at pestujprostor.plzne.cz

B. Municipal Lighthouse BCB

A municipal lighthouse right in the middle of the Bright Walk through the Light Festival will reliably guide all stray seekers of light installations back to the trail. We would like to thank Kerio and Business Centre Bohemia for providing the space.

C. A special stop on Saturday 21 February:

Měšťanská beseda, Kopeckého sady: the historical building will be floodlit especially for this evening to mark the Ball of the City of Pilsen.


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