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28. 08. 14:00 - 30. 08. 20:00

As an homage to the tradition of Pilsen puppetry, the Spanish theatre company Carros de Foc with their giant puppets will open the Skupa's Pilsen festival organised as part of the Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015. Between 28 and 30 August, you will meet twelve-metre-tall marionettes, a twenty-metre-long dragon and a huge flying bird in the centre of Pilsen. The puppets will be displayed in the streets every afternoon and then get alive in the evening and become the main stars of the site-specific show La Niña transforming the historical centre of Pilsen into a theatre stage, along with dozens of acrobats, dancers and musicians.

The giant puppets will be joined in the streets of Pilsen by Dutch animal puppets by La Pavana; the theatre tent Theatre Risorius from France; local masters from the Divadlo V boudě and many other puppet companies. The centre of Pilsen will be filled with puppet theatre from afternoon till evening. One puppet show will be performed every hour at one of the stages on Republic Square, in the park ring or in the Puppet Museum. There will be workshops around the city centre enabling visitors both small and big to make puppets. Visitors will meet the giant puppets in the afternoon and then attend the grandiose site-specific show La Niña in the streets of Pilsen in the evening. The giant puppets and dozens of Czech dancers, musicians and acrobats with a big helium balloon will create a procession show which will start on Republic Square and end in DEPO2015. 

For the first time in the history of the company, all eight puppets will perform together. It will be their premiere in the Czech Republic. Experience a unique story in which each puppet has its character and human friends who help create it. The show also includes an original musical score, acrobatics and a fascinating lighting.

Carros De Foc is an internationally unique theatre group from Alicante, Spain that has been working with giant puppets and creating parade shows for more than 20 years. This group has presented their work in numerous countries, worked in China for over a year, celebrated a big success in Latin America, Dubai, Qatar, Morocco and many European cities. 

Organizers: Pilsen 2015 in collaboration with ArtProm

Who will perform in Pilsen

The site-specific show La Niña will introduce 8 giant puppets with sound. Apart from the classical parade puppets, giant marionettes and a unique flying bird will also be introduced. The puppets will receive new names and act a story based on Pilsner background.


Euterpe made her gran debut accompanying the Three Kings through the main streets of Madrid during the 2015 Parade. This Parade was transmitted via satellite by the Spanish National TV Channel TVE to all of Spain and Latin America. Euterpe is a giant sculpture of more than 8 meters high. This young marionette has a beautiful soft voice. She can talk and communicate with the public and demonstrates her feelings and emotions with such sweetness. She is so alive that she is almost human. She can move her eyes, eyelids, mouth and limbs all via remote control. With Euterpe you can change her costume, hair and makeup depending on the needs of each individual show.


Salvador is Spain’s tallest marionette which stands at 11 meters tall and weighs 914kg. An articulated marionette which has almost perfect body movement. He has full movement in all of his limbs, arms & legs, he can turn his head from side to side and using remote control can move his mouth pretending to talk and at the same time can blink his eyes. He was created with the purpose of being as human as possible and to be able to communicate with the public during his performances. Since his creation in 2006, Salvador has travelled around Europe and has taken part in some of the most important street theatre productions as well as many popular events and festivals. Salvador has also taken part in the popular Three Kings Parade in Madrid and he also took part in the celebration of the Eivissa Medieval on the Spanish island of Ibiza which was also celebrating its 10th anniversary of being proclamed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dalt Vilae walls where the event is held.

Salvador joined music legends such as Shakira, Joe Cocker, Lionel Richie or Kanye West during the 10th edition of the “Festival Mawazine” held every year in Rabat and the most important in Magreb. In addition to this other festivals such as the ‘Festival Internacional de Nuevo Circo, Pisteurs d’Etoiles which is held in Obernai (France), the second most visited city after Strasbourg. The “Festival des Arts de Rue Les Petits Pois” in Clamart, Paris. Also the ‘Festival de Animación y Teatro de Calle - “Barquinha NON STOP” which was held in the Portuguese city of Vila Nova da Barquinha.

Dragón Antonio

A giant medieval beast who imposes and fascinates the public due to the sheer size and lifelike features of this Dragon. With a normal height of 4m, he can reach up to 8 when fully risen, in addition to its 21 meters in length and 2.5metres in width. The giant beast adds to creating a truly unique setting with a medieval ambience. He is joined by a Knight who fights with him and warrior dancers who perform a dance using fire fans to highlight even more a great fight between them.


Federico is a giant sculpture, weighing 500Kg and is a humanoid form, he can combine a mix of many radical styles creating an eye-catching figure. He captures the attention of the public and media with his unique style and his enormous height of 5.50 meters.

Caballo Real

The 'Caballo Real', or 'Royal Horse' was born together with the company Carros de Foc in 1994, his height can range from 4 meters to 6 meters when he rises on his hindquarters. With articulated movements he performs the 'Paso Español' or Spainsh steps', can gallop and trot and can also carry up to 2 people on his strong back. 

Lobo Dantés 

The 'Lobo Dantés' or Dantes Wolf is a giant sculpture with a length of 15 meters and a total weight of 4500kg. He can reach height of 5 meters and also has the ability to carry up to 5 people on his back.

Giant Eagle Sophia

Sophia the Eagle, is a giant bird of prey that can rise to a minimum height of 4.50 metres. She has a wingspan of 9 meters in full flight and 2 meters when folded. She can carry a rider on her back and moves with the help of a telescopic crane.

Camel Nana

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