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02. 10. 10:45 - 31. 12. 10:45

The rare character of the West Bohemian landscape needs to be talked about. We need to talk about a landscape which is entirely unique, with all the traces of human existence in the local unique natural environment. Within the processes made possible to launch thanks to the European Capital of Culture project, an opportunity presents itself to do a great deal of good for the landscape, and not just from a cultural point of view. Even in economic terms, this is capital on which we can live and trade in today’s world. It is just important to grasp and apply the entire idea of a return to our roots correctly.

The basis of the project is St. George Park in Pilsen at the confluence of the Úslava and Berounka Rivers, where in 2015 international Land Art residencies will be held, with the aim of drawing attention to the place and its cultural, historical, environmental and social importance. Other islands will be created in the landscape of the towns of Nečtiny, Planá, and Dýšina near Pilsen. In these locations, children are being involved through workshops aimed at developing creativity in kids whilst drawing attention to the problems of the given location.

Defunct and Endangered Churches

The “Defunct and Endangered Churches" project has formed part of the European Capital of Culture 2015 since 2012. Due to artistic interventions of Prof. Jiří Beránek and his students at the sculpture studio of Ladislav Sutnar Arts and Design Faculty, churches in Otín u Plané, Luková u Manětína, Všekary and Branišov and last year also Loreta u Týnce and Pořejov u Tachova have been made accessible for the public. Another four will be opened up in November 2014. The climax of the project in 2015 should be the new pilgrimage route connecting twenty sacral places the former regime condemned to demise. These derelict or completely destroyed buildings have been chosen from among 122 desolate church constructions within the Pilsen diocese. The number of intentionally derelict buildings in the Pilsen Region is terrifying but the aim of the project is not, and could not even be, their complete restoration or renovation. The significance of these places today lies in something else. Despite their troubled fate they keep memories.


About the Organisers

Plzeň 2015

This project was prepared by the organization team of the European Capital of Culture Pilsen 2015

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