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27. 05. 01:15 - 29. 05. 01:15

Khamoro is the most famous Roma festival in the world. It has existed in Prague since 1999 and, during that time, has involved performers from more than forty countries. Khamoro in Pilsen in 2015 will offer an exhibition, a concert by a gypsy jazz band, a series of unique workshops – aimed at art, dance, the creation of jewellery, basics of Roma history and Romani language, all under the guidance of Roma experts. There will also be a live installation of the giant cake Dort Mandala. The festival will culminate in a final ceremonial concert featuring three Romany bands, two of which will be from abroad. Khamoro will also show the theatre group ARA ART, which will take the audience into a world of mythical characters and will convey a deeply emotional experience. The performance brings the myth of a fictional Romany figure Guľi daj (the Sweet Mother) to the present time and metaphorically demonstrates issues the Roma people currently have to deal with. The theatrical performance will be followed by a debate in the format "students to students". Discussions will be moderated by David Tišer, the director of the theatre group and a Romany activist.

The goal of the festival is to show the wealth and diversity of Romany culture and traditions, to encourage establishing multicultural societies and to improve relations between the majority and the Roma people.

Organised by: Slovo 21, registered association

U Branky, Republic Square.

House of Blues, Peklo Culture House

27 – 29 May