MagdaClan: ERA – Sonnet for a Clown

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Chvojkovy lomy (Chvojka’s Quarries)

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13. 05. 15:15 - 18. 05. 15:15

A name from a 1970s Italian movie inspired the young Italian circus ensemble MagdaClan, which is scheduled to visit Pilsen in May. The main female character, Magda, keeps repeating in the movie: "I can’t any more, I can’t any more", a statement also intimately familiar to the founders of the group: Robert Magry, Alessandro Maida, Giorgio Bertolotti, Erika Bettin, Daniele Sorisi, Giulio Lanfranco and Davide De Bardi. These performers from the younger generation of the phenomenon called Le Cirque Nouveau have settled permanently in Belgium.

Their work offers the audience a spectacle of acrobatics coupled with a powerful story, as the existing modern circus schools, with their stronger emphasis on the dramatic drill of the graduates, are increasing the appetite for narration. The show called Sonnet for a Clown was created by the team in 2012 in collaboration with the Czech director Petr Forman and is the first collective work of the fresh graduates. Viewers can look forward to a project charged with the energy of youth, interspersed with ingenious acrobatics and intimate gestures. You may even become a part of the show! The artists sometimes involve the audience in their conversations.

13, 15, 16, 17, 18 May