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10. 12. 20:00 - 10. 12.

MTO UNIVERSAL PRAHA: Music You Won't Hear Anywhere Else – Thank God!
The Small Dance Orchestra has been one of our leading orchestras for the last twenty five years – discrimination against it during the years of communist terror led to people like Hybš, Vlach, Kmoch and Obruba basking in the limelight. 
This is your unique chance to wear down your dancing shoes in the dance hall with Divadlo Sklep playing the roles of singers and dancers. You can look forward to seeing Tomáš Hanák with the mic and a four-hour concert of music from our post-war history, mainly the 1970s and 80s. You will hear hits by TV superstars – Pavel Liška, Hana Zagorová, Drupi, Dušan Grůňa, Karel Hála and more, as well as bands such as Katapult. The song list also includes hotshots such as Elvis Presley, Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra as well as Plavci-Rangers and the poetic Petr Novák. There are newer songs including Nádherný ráj by Daniel Hůlka and Souměrná by Bára Basiková, to name but a couple. Leading Prague artists performing on instruments and behind mics: artists Zdeněk Lhotský, František Skála, Aleš Najbrt, virtuosos Jiří Podzimek, Roman Fojtíček and Luděk Polifka, actors Lenka Vychodilová, Jana Hanáková and Tomáš Hanák.


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Pilsen 2015

This project receives financial support from the Pilsen 2015 public benefit society

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