PSiRC: Acrometria

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Depo 2015

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02. 04. 14:45 - 10. 04. 14:45

A trio of Catalan performers (Wanja Kahlert, Adria Montaña and Anna Pascual Fernandez) joined forces in the PsiRC troupe. The Spanish ensemble will bring a fifty-minute show called Acrometria to Pilsen, characterised in particular by the ease with which they launch into complicated and sophisticated acrobatic acts. "I feel, therefore I am" is the motto of the artists who aspire to embody on the stage the dream hidden in each one of them. Acrometria throws the artists into a trap which offers no escape. They do not know when or even if they will ever get away. The audience can thus follow the ways in which the performers cope with the challenging situation and the language they fabricate in a world detached from reality. The project is built on visual poetry grounded in work with objects and exacting techniques such as juggling, acrobatics, music, and dance.

The PSiRC ensemble was formed in Barcelona in March 2011.

2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 April