Ryoji Ikeda – Test pattern [n°7]

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New Theatre - black box

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02. 07. 10:00 - 11. 08. 18:00

The Central European premiere of an installation by one of the most significant personalities of current Japanese art working with multi-media, a performer and composer of electronic music.

Ryoji Ikeda was born in the Japanese prefecture of Gifu and currently lives and works in Paris. He analyses the characteristics of reality and sound through his music and audio-visual installations. He often uses tones and noises on the verge of frequencies perceptible to the human ear; the lis- tener sometimes learns about them some time after they have sounded. His installations are visually and rhythmically unpredictable in their variety, full of discreet murmurs, super-fast cut-ins (up to several hundred images per second) and binary patterns which present strange visual and audio haiku. Ryoji Ikeda is exhibited in some of the most highly-regarded galleries in the world. He received the prestigious Golden Nica Award in 2001 for his innova- tive and radical approach. For Japan Fest 2015, he has prepared an original audio-visual installation called Test Pattern [NO7] for the Black Box of the New Theatre in Pilsen. Through this latest audio-visual test, he will study the absolute limits of the performance of modern digital technologies as well as their perception by human consciousness.

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