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DEPO, Nové divadlo, Náplavka

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03. 06. 01:30 - 25. 06. 01:30

Since 1989, the renowned international festival Tanec Praha (Prague Dance) has been bringing top world dance and motion scenes to the Czech Republic. Each year, the festival culminates in the Event of the Season, presenting some of the most prominent personalities from all over the world. The aim of the extensive programme of the festival Tanec Praha 2015 in Pilsen is to build on the rich experience of previous years, cooperating with local partners and artists (Moving Station, Pap-rna, The Summer of Theatre under the Pilsen Sky, k světu and others) and introducing foreign and Czech projects in their full variety and high quality. For the first time, Pilsen will host the Event of the Season, the group Sasha Waltz and Guests with their production Travelogue I – Twenty to Eight on 15 June 2015, as well as the top piece of work of the Walloon pair Mossoux-Bonté. The festival Tanec Praha in Pilsen plans to open new forms of cooperation with non-profit organisations from the Pilsen Region and, thanks to better spatial conditions, immediately in the following year 2016 to bring to Pilsen the largest existing platform of young European choreographers, Aerowaves, presented by the “TOP 20 priority companies" at the festival Spring Forward.

Organised by: Tanec Praha

DEPO 2015, New Theatre, Náplavka

3 – 25 June