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04. 09. 14:00 - 02. 11. 19:00

The city’s transformation will be marked from September to November 2014 by the creative carrousel Le Manège Carré Sénart by Francois Delarozière for children and adults alike, which comes from the Parisian suburb. Pilsen is only the seventh city where the Manège with mechanical puppets will be presented; so far it has visited Paris, Madrid, Portimão, Antwerp, Milton Keynes and Sénart.

The installation of the Manège will start in August 2014. The building of possibly the biggest creative carrousel in the world, which will be carried over by 9 trucks, will take 13 days. First visitors will saddle the magic animals on 5th September. "The Manège is a great experience for everyone who enters its world,” invites the Art Director Petr Forman who is behind the idea to bring the carrousel to Pilsen. He also explains the reasons why he had chosen this French spectacle combining entertainment with the magical world of revived puppets and fine technical workmanship: "This city where local artists laid the basis for global puppetry and animated film will see the return of this craft in its best form developed by European creators who had been inspired by the work of our masters. The interconnection of technology, imagination, playfulness and vision is an important impulse for all visitors for further development. The world of imagination, which comes alive through visitors represents the changes that people in Pilsen will experience or create during next year,” Petr Forman explains.

Manége Carré Sénart will be presented to visitors along with a video show on the St. Bartholomew‘s Cathedral. It has been created by the art group 3dsense and artist Josef Lepša. The video show will be screened on the cathedral every day except Monday after dark to help create the atmosphere of the magical world of the Manége. A special videomapping show is prepared for the opening ceremony on 5th September at 8.30pm: a unique screening in collaboration with the general sponsor of Manége Carré Sénart, Plzeňská teplárenská, a.s., will present the story of life in the Pilsner paradise which starts with the Big Bang and the creation of Earth as an inhospitable land covered in ice, then continues through the battle of elements and the start of life thanks to the beneficial effects of the Sun to the use of energy by a man in modern times. The screenings will be shown in loops and they will start after dark on the square.

The estimated screening times:  
12.9. - 14.9. 19:30 - 20:45
15.9. - 28.9. 19:30 - 20:45
29.9. - 12.10. 19:15 - 21:30
13.10. - 26.10. 18:45 - 21:30
27.10.-  2.11. 17:30 - 21:00


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