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28. 04. - 31. 10. 12:00

28 April – 27 November

Zen Pilsen – City as Exhibit 
7 installations in public space / 7 locations / 7 months/7 works and Exhibition opening

Every day, we pass by places which, although failing to capture our attention, may still possess a hidden potential and charm. One of the ways to discover that charm, view the given place through a different perspective and open oneself to different ways of using it is artistic intervention in public spaces.
The exhibition called "Zen Pilsen", subtitled "The City as Exhibit", is part of a project intended to develop the potential of the city and drive its qualitative transformation. It's a certain way of contemplating the city and thinking about all those things that Pilsen contains and might contain going forward.
Seven places around Pilsen will see their genius loci rediscovered by seven artistic groups invited by the project curator Rostislav Koryčánek to give some thought to the city. Every last Tuesday of the month, from April to October, one place in the vicinity of the centre will be transformed, beginning its temporary metamorphosis with a vernissage.
Zen Pilsen will start on Tuesday 28 April at 5:00pm with the vernissage of a work by Pavel Karous and Michal Pěchouček on the staircase in front of Komerční banka (the Commercial Bank) onAnglické nábřeží (the English Embankment). The festive evening will continue at the creative zone of DEPO2015, where artists Matěj Al-Ali, Petr Dub and Tomáš Moravec will launch their project at 7:00pm.
Art has the power to transform our (Pilsen) world!

Pavel Karous/Michal Pěchouček
Title of the work: "A Song for Rudolf"
Exhibition opening: 28 April, 5:00pm
Exihibition: 29 April – 27 November
Where: The stairs in front of Komerční banka, Anglické nábřeží

Matěj Al-Ali/Petr Dub/Tomáš Moravec
Title of the work: "A Statue for Pilsen"
Exhibition opening(a ceremonious expedition): 28 April, 7:00pm
Where: DEPO2015, Presslova 14

Teachers and students of Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art of the University of West Bohemia – Jiří Beránek, Benedikt Tolar and students of the Socha a prostor (Statue and Space) studio
Title of the work: WillBeBetter
Exhibition opening: 26 May, 5:00pm
Exihibition: 27May – 27 November
Where: Emil Škoda Square

Pavla Sceránková/Dušan Záhoranský
Title of the work: "Triple Bridge"
Exhibition opening: 30 June, 5:00pm 
Exihibition: 1 July - 30 September 
Where: Denisovo nábřeží embankment (under the Millennium Bridge) 

Michal Moravčík/Martin Zet
Title of the work: "Dust, No Dust"
Exhibition opening: 28 July, 5:00pm
Exihibition: 29 July - 27 September
Where: The right-hand Mže riverbank, behind Truhlářská Street and the Groll brewery

Michal Šeba + team of authors of a multimedia installation ACUO
Title of the work: ACUO
Exhibition opening: 25 August, 5:00pm
Exihibition: 26 August - 30 September
Where: U Zvonu grounds

Eva Koťátková/Dominik Lang
Title of the work: "Railway Sky"
Exhibition opening: 29 September, 5:00pm
Exihibition: 30 September – 27 November
Where: Pilsen Main Railway Station building


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Pilsen 2015

This project receives financial support from the Pilsen 2015 public benefit society

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