A different Robert Peňažka

He has been in advertising for 22 years. After nine years he ended his time as the director of Leo Burnett Praha and founded the Kaspen agency, only to then leave it after seven years and found the Yinachi studio. He looks for passionate clients, connecting the worlds of commerce and art. He is behind the Kmeny project. He publishes books. He publishes the Magnus magazine. He is an uncle of Kašpárek v rohlíku and the Kefír festival. He is a co-founder of Rodiče vítani (Parents Welcome) and with his friends has launched a joint creation platform Future Bakery. An idealist, chess player, “krav magista”...

Robert Peňažka told us: I don’t believe in fixed positions, I create positions to fit people. The future of work lies in having several employers. In several working positions. With several salaries. And in joint creation.


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