Designer Anna Marešová

Tram for Prague (her B.A. thesis) won the National Technical Museum Award, Excellent Student Design Award 2009 and the Student Work Award at the Biennial of Industrial Design BIO 22. For her set of sex toys for women Whoop-de-doo (her MA thesis) she was awarded the National Student Design Award 2011 and Exit Design Award 2011, while the Dolce Vita magazine ranked it the Prototype of Year. In 2012 she founded her own studio, Anna Marešová Designers, where she works together with a few colleagues.

Anna Marešová told us: What comes to mind right now is the banal but true: Slowly but surely. I don’t like obstinacy and doing things at any cost. Manipulation. I like to give freedom to people around me, which I then want for myself as well. Sometimes I find it hard to say NO. So I’m constantly learning to do that and, most of all, I’m learning to bear the consequences of this “NO”, maybe in the form of unpleasant feelings from not pleasing so02meone.


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