Jakub Žákavec and Debashish Chaudhuri

Already as a student, Jakub Žákavec was working as the manager of a small retirement home for a few years. After some years of work in the commercial sector, he went back to working with the elderly in 2004. He is the director of a retirement home in Kdyně and he invited the Indian conductor Debashish Chaudhuri there. A native of Calcutta, India, Chaudhuri has been living in Central Europe for 14 years, having followed his craving for European classical music here. He has experience with many Czech and international symphony ensembles. He believes in a higher synthesis of Western and Eastern art. In the years 2006 and 2013 he created the concert Asian Inspirations. In his philharmonic project Namaste India he combined the sitar and table as solo instruments with the Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra and staged the Czech premiere of the Shiva Nataraj composition by John Mayer. Together with the director and the inhabitants of the retirement home in Kdyně, he is working on something unusual again. What exactly? Both of our guests will be happy to tell you themselves.

Jakub Žákavec told us: One’s life has sense if they leave behind a little more love and good in the world. Debashish Chaudhuri has added a quotation from his favourite Rabíndranáth Thákur: A change you want begins with you.


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