Prima ballerina Sabrina Sadowska

When a former freelance dancer now studies psychology and has a scholarship to do so, look for Sabrina Sadowska behind it. When a chorus girl who used to dance in operettas in Holland and Germany studies holistic medicine with support from an employment agency, look for Sabrina Sadowska’s Foundation Dance – Transition Centre Germany behind it. The same as when an advisory centre is being established at the Berlin Olympic Centre, motivating sportspeople to think of a back-up plan and to start with an education before it is too late. Look for the prima ballerina behind all of that!

Sabrina Sadowska told us: Work is changing more and more from year-long contracts to projects. Art and project work need the security of a basic monthly income as well as social insurance supported by the state, as art and creativity need support to have the time to be developed and to blossom. Lifelong learning must be supported by special programmes for artists



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