Know-how Exchange for the Creative Industries: Pilsen and Bavaria


The public benefit organisation Pilsen 2015 and bayern design GmbH have joined forces for the realisation of a project that aims to connect Pilsner and Bavarian entrepreneurs from the creative industries, to support the exchange of knowledge and new jobs and to provide facilities for the preparation of new prototypes. The project runs from October 2014 to June 2015 and its activities will take place both on the Czech and the Bavarian side. It includes seminars and visits in centres for technology and creativity, as well as workshops led by Czech and foreign experts in Pilsen on the topics of education for creative entrepreneurs and the popularisation of cooperation between designers and companies from other sectors. On 10th and 12th June there will also be a final conference, which invites experts, creative entrepreneurs, students and lecturers to the industrial area of the creative zone DEPO2015 in Pilsen and focuses on the practical transfer of the project outcomes.

The project is supported by the programme Ziel 3/Cíl 3 Czech Republic – Free state of Bavaria 2007-2013.

What is the creative zone DEPO2015?

DEPO2015 is a living space, where business and culture are fascinatingly combined to new solutions.

DEPO2015 is a sustainable outcome of the project Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015. At the heart of DEPO2015 is the Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship, which links creative sectors with the economy. DEPO2015 is a place to stay, to work, to create as well as present something, or to negotiate with start-ups or already established companies. The community of creative people with great ideas and a desire to implement them has the opportunity to go through the process of incubation, i.e. with the assistance and mentoring of professionals in the cultural and creative industries to start their business plan; they can use a shared workspace/co-working, the open workshop/maker space for the production of prototypes or rent a studio or an office. In DEPO2015 is also based the residency programme OPEN A.i.R., which offers Czech creatives to travel abroad as well as invites the international professional scene to Pilsen.

A virtual tour of the space can be found here: