Melina Mercouri Day is turning into European Neighbours’ Day


For the year 2014, Pilsen 2015 is preparing a new form of the now-traditional June event of Melina Mercouri Day, which has been held in the centre of Pilsen for the last few years. 

The concept of Melina Mercouri Day was devised during the ECoC candidature and was intended to create a meeting place and stage for Pilsen dancers on the otherwise busy Americká Street in the city centre.  In the following years we invited Pilsen’s students, artists, cultural and social NGOs, and interest associations to join us.

The major change in the concept is a move from the centre of the city out into all the city districts, where we invite local active groups and individuals to cooperate. Our aim remains to bring life to public spaces and to develop community relationships, in particular neighbourhood ones. The date – 31st of May 2014 – has been chosen with respect to the growing popularity of European Neighbours’ Day, used for neighbourhood celebrations more and more often in many European cities.

We are working on the first year of the event for May 2014 and hope to establish a new tradition that lives on in Pilsen after the year 2015 when European Neighbours’ Day is to be part of the calendar of the principal outdoor events of the Pilsen – European Capital of Culture project. We are approaching the town halls of city districts in the hope of acquiring their support for the following years, so that Pilsen citizens will be able to carry out the European Neighbours’ Day for many years to come.


Detailed instructions on individual opportunities to get involved

  1. If you want to be one of the focal points, the call for applications for support is open just for you:

application submission deadline:    17.2.–15.3.2014,
in the subject field please note:     name of the focal point (e.g. tabacka_grant),

For more detailed information, download the documents:                   výzva (Open call)
                                                                                                   žádost (Application)

note: Applicants in category 1 may also apply in category 2.

  1. If you want to have a neighbours gathering with joint cooking and dining:

you can apply:                      until 15.4.2014,
to the email address:                 ,
in the subject field please note: your name_soused (neighbour) (e.g. Harris_soused),
in the email please give:           the full name of the contact person,
                                                 address, where you plan to host your neighbourhood                                                                   dinner

    3. If you have an activity you would like to offer for use:

formulate a specific as possible description of your activity,
and send it:                              by 15.3.2014
to the email address :   ,
in the subject field please note: your name_nabidka (offer) (e.g. Johnson_nabidka),
in the email please give:          the full name of the contact person,
                                                 kind of activity,
                                                 space and technical requirements,
                                                 possible other requirements,

A summary database of offers will be given over to focal spot organisers or the offer will be registered in the accompanying productions to order, see Point 4.

      4. Accompanying productions of musicians, theatre producers, artists, guided tours of the surroundings and the like, which will be free to order with P2015 and may also involve activities of those responding to Point 3, will be offered for use after 30th March.2014.


Contact for your queries

We have created a special email address for the preparation of the END:
If sending a query, please put your name_dotaz (query) (e.g. Clarke_dotaz) in the subject field.

The traditional website of Melina Mercouri Day will still be in use for receiving general updates for the year 2014 in the next few months:

Join the group Evropský den sousedství (European Neighbours’ Day) on facebook.