Recovering Landscape and Place Výškovice-Wischkowitz


Pilsen  – The European  Capital of Culture 2015  is hereby announcing an International landscape Call for Ideas.  Topic:  Recovering and landscape renewal in the borderland of West Bohemia based on the model of an abandoned community of Výškovice – Wischkowitz, part of Chodová Planá (Kuttenplan)  near Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad).

The call is unlimited. Anybody can apply . There is no limit regarding age, education or profession. 

The call is patronaged by Czech Chamber of Architects (ČKA), International Federation of Landscape Architects  (IFLA Europe),  CIVILSCAPE, ILBA, German Association of Landscape Architects (BDLA), Bezirk Oberpfalz, Landkreis Cham. The Call partner is the City Chodová Planá.


Recovering Landscape and Place Výškovice – Wischkowitz

International Landscape Call for Ideas

The territory in question is located in the very heart of Europe, populated and cultivated since the down of Ages. For many centuries, the Czechs and Germans used to live here side by side in peace. The tragedy of the present sad situation is rooted in the horrors of WW2; the forced exodus of the ethnic Germans in the aftermath of the war and the following Communist regime cased a serious interruption of the area’s continuous development.

Today, in our discussion we are not going to put blame on anyone. Instead, we are looking for ideas how to improve the current situation. We want to revive this area and create again the true home for the local inhabitants.

Actually, the Czech - German landscape renewal is not the only problem we are facing. There is an European-wide issue of rural depopulation. So, let’s together propose ideas aimed at the future rural development with all aspects of associated socio-cultural and cultural landscape values. The community of Výškovice - Wischkowitz and vicinity is our model area for ideas collection.

The Call will be announced 11 February 2014. 


 Purpose and mission of the call for ideas

§ The purpose and mission of the Call in the broader sense is to support the issue of cultural landscape renewal in the former Sudetenland. § The purpose and mission of the Call is to obtain ideas for potential options in the renewal of the cultural landscape of the former Sudetenland based on the model example of a small village Výškovice - Wischkowitz. § Authors /author teams of five selected ideas will be invited to take part in the follow-up workshop. After the workshop authors / author teams of five selected ideas will form in the workshop the final proposals. § The supportive reason for the Call is to select the most suitable proposals for land art interventions.


We are looking forward to

  • Develop tools for a European vision of territorial renewal and repopulation.
  • Improve the communication and cooperation between Czechs and Germans.
  • Search for and work with the Genius Loci.
  • Define the culture landscape values together with the residents.
  • Define the local values making them tourist attractive.
  • Renew the locality values in and around Výškovice – Wischkowitz.
  • Identify potential meeting places for the former, current and future inhabitants. The proposals should show how to utilize the regional or local endogenous potentials and resources (material, social, economical, etc.) and how to involve them in the realization process.


Who can apply?

Anybody. There is no limit regarding the nationality, education, profession, citizenship or the age of the participant.


Submission requirements


The submission should to be written in the pdf format – description - (size A4) maximum of 6 pages and the graphic part (size A3). This should include up to 3 pages specifying:


  • Initial impulses for the region's development
  • The help to overcome the emotional gap between former and current inhabitants would be certainly a big impulse for the region   
  • Creating places of identity and places for mutual encounters facilitating integration    
  • Augmenting Land art related to place
  • Deadline for sending the Applications with Proposals is 28 April 2014  


The authors of the five selected ideas will be awarded 1000 Euros and will be invited to the follow-up workshop. PILSEN 2015 will also pay to the workshop participants the cost of transport and accommodation (up to two people from each team).


  • Each workshop participant will be awarded with 1500 Euros after submitting his final proposal in compliance with the PILSEN 2015 specification



The selected authors and Pilsen 2015 will share the copyright.

The Selection Panel

  1. Till Rehwaldt (GE), vicepresident BDLA
  2. Ana Luengo (SP), president IFLA Europe
  3. Pavlína Mišíková (SK), international landscape ecologist  
  4. Christine Rotenbacher (A), landscape architect  
  5. Vladimír Sitta (CZ), landscape architect

Substitute members


  1. Michal Fišer (CZ), Czech Chamber of Architects
  2. Klára Salzmann (CZ), landscape architect, Pilsen 2015
  3. Nigel Thorne (GB), Former president IFLA Europe


Important dates

Deadline for submitting questions March 31, 2014
On the spot inspection March 14, 2014
Submission deadline  April 28, 2014
Selection Panel’s decision May 15 - 16, 2014
Workshop Chodová Planá, Kuttenplan July 21 - 27, 2014
Exhibition of the submitted works March 2015
Opening of the Land Art Exhibits October 2015

Call Organizer

Pilsen 2015 European Capital of Culture

Send your questions and applications with proposals by email to:

More info here.