Join us as a Guardian Angel of Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015

The theme of angels is present in Pilsen, have you noticed?

An angel actually holds the city coat of arms. The little angel at the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew gives ear to thousands of wishes and thoughts every day. There are many places in Pilsen with an angel in their names, including one of the new fountains in the Square of the Republic. A Guardian Angel represents a sheltering symbol for all those who support the City of Pilsen and help its development through participation in the Pilsen 2015 project. 

The Club of Guardian Angels

The Club of Guardian Angels is open to everyone who wants to join the Pilsen 2015 project. It includes a voluntary programme, supporting activities and celebrity patrons – ambassadors. Why angels? Pilsen is linked with the theme of angels. An angel is holding the city coat of arms, the angel of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral symbolises wishes come true, there are many places with angels in their names... As much as everyone believes that the angel on the cathedral will grant their wishes, the Pilsen 2015 team believes in the successful development of the city thanks to the European Capital of Culture project. If you help us realise it, you who love your city – you live here, work here and come here to visit - then success is certain! Everyone who is interested and wants to contribute can join in either as a volunteer who will actively engage in the running of Pilsen 2015 events or as a supporter sharing information about the Pilsen 2015 project. It is a great opportunity to be a part of it!

Become a member of the Club of Guardian Angels and and register online at and you can choose a voluntary or support programme, or you can contact the coordinator Eva Kraftová at As a volunteer, you can gain valuable experience with organising events (production preparation, technical preparation, ticket checks, organisation at a venue etc.), looking after guests (artists, experts and the broader public from the Czech Republic and abroad), with cultural and social mapping (viewer satisfaction surveys) etc. You can also take part in special training programmes and get involved creatively (presentation, photography, writing reports, guide services). Each new volunteer goes through initial training (running every two weeks) where they learn all necessary information and then they can get involved and help at events of their own choosing according to their schedules, skills and interests.

Contact: Eva Kraftová

How to get involved: information about regular training, links with information, information about the practicalities of volunteering.


We have prepared informal training programmes for students in Years 8 and 9 and grammar schools. The basic workshop will teach the applicants presentation skills and inform them about the project and programme of Pilsen 2015. They are then able to present their knowledge to their peers.

Applicants can then join the Club of Guardian Angels, and there are journalism and photography workshops led by experts that are open to all interested parties. All volunteers will be able to contribute their articles, reports, interviews and photos to a special blog and document the events of 2015 through their eyes. The best work will be published on the Pilsen 2015 website and Facebook page and in the local press.

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