The Pilsen 2015 Public Benefit Organisation

Pilsen 2015 organisation is a non-profit organisation founded by the City of Pilsen with the purpose of preparation and implementation of the programme part of the European Capital of Culture 2015 project.

The organisation was established for a fixed term ending by the end of the year 2016, according to the resolution of the Board of Representatives of the City of Pilsen no. 398 from the 16th of September 2010. The organisation came into effect by being entered in the Register of Public Benefit Organisations of the Regional Court in Pilsen, Section O, File No. 145 on the 21st of October 2010, with the seat in Pilsen, Pražská 309/19, Identification no. 29109124.

Administrative Board

Mgr. Martin Baxa Chairman of the Administrative Board
Bc. Eva Herinková Member of the Administrative Board
Mgr. Michal Vozobule Member of the Administrative Board
JUDr. Petra Smolíková Member of the Administrative Board
Akad.mal. Josef Mištera Member of the Administrative Board
Ing. Alena Svobodová Member of the Administrative Board


Supervisory Board

Ing. Jiří Bis Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Ing. Miloslava Šlajsová Member of the Supervisory Board
Mgr. Ilona Jehličková Member of the Supervisory Board
Petr Šustáček Member of the Supervisory Board
Jana Bystřická Member of the Supervisory Board
Ing. Pavel Rödl Member of the Supervisory Board