Access to the programme for disabled people

Pilsen 2015 is trying to make as much of its programme as possible accessible for people with disabilities.

You can get more information at the Pilsen 2015 Meeting Point on Republic Square. They also offer leaflets with information about wheelchair access and routes, sign language options, audio guides and leaflets for visually impaired and blind people. There is also a list of contacts for local organisations offering other services such as walking assistance or city walks. The booth also includes a wheelchair accessible toilet.

Pilsen 2015 will be issuing regular information brochures about the programme every three months, highlighting recommended activities for people with various types of disabilities and for families with children as well as people with limited mobility. We will also organise regular events for disabled people throughout the year in conjunction with specialised organisations. These will include walks and theatre shows translated into sign language, guided tours of exhibitions and special information leaflets with descriptions for visually impaired people.


Contact person from Plzen 2015: Eva Fürbachová, Pilsen 2015, email:, telephone: +420 727 968 651

Contact person for wheelchair users and people with disabilities: Miroslav Valina, Czech National Disability Council, email:, telephone: +420 728 553 526

Contact person for visually impaired people: Hana Dostálová, TyfloCentrum Pilsen, email:, telephone: +420 732 381 585

Contact person for hearing impaired people: Miroslav Hanzlíček, Association for Deaf People Pilsen, email:, telephone: +420 731 147 645

Contact person for people with intellectual disabilities: Barbora Hrdonková, Diakonie ČCE, email:, telephone: +420 734 280 835