Press service

04.12.2015 Pilsen is saying farewell to the title of European Capital of Culture 2015
23.10.2015 Pilsen Family Photoalbum II - Exhibition
11.09.2015 Results from the first half year
30.06.2015 Record number of tourists are heading for Pilsen
30.06.2015 Hidden City application
16.06.2015 Giant puppets - Carros de Foc
26.05.2015 Rock for People Europe
30.04.2015 Statement of Pilsen 2015 regarding hosting the "Days of Jerusalem" festival
13.05.2015 The Return of Ladislav Sutnar
13.05.2015 New Circus
13.05.2015 Liberation Festival Pilsen
13.05.2015 Hidden City
05.05.2015 Gottfried Lindauer exhibition
05.05.2015 9 Weeks of Baroque
22.04.2015 Adolf Loos’ interiors
14.04.2015 Grand exhibitions
23.03.2015 Pilsen 2015 scores with campaigns at home and abroad
26.02.2015 Trnka's Garden 2 - Exhibition
03.03.2015 5 rivers - Mons
16.02.2015 Festival of Light
03.12.2014 Programme Pilsen2015 is Ready
01.04.2015 Map of the Hidden City
19.01.2015 The Opening Ceremony of Pilsen as the European Capital of Culture
18.11.2014 Gottfried Lindauer
18.11.2014 Artist residencies
18.11.2014 5 RIVERS
04.11.2014 Defunct and Endangered Churches
18.11.2014 Artist residencies
30.11.2014 Gottfried Lindauer
18.11.2014 5 Rivers - World According to Jakub
21.10.2014 Map of the Hidden City
06.10.2014 The programme catalogue of the European Capital of Culture 2015, called “Book 2”.
15.09.2014 Světovar reconstruction
28.08.2014 The largest art carousel in the world will start spinning its giant puppets in Pilsen
10.06.2014 Pilsen has made it among Lonely Planet‘s top 10 European destinations
14.05.2014 Pilsen is preparing an extensive season of Le Cirque Nouveau for the year 2015. Tickets will go on sale on the 1st of June
14.05.2014 Jiří Trnka’s son and grandson are preparing an interactive multimedia exhibition for the Pilsen 2015 project based on Trnka’s book The Garden.
25.04.2014 The Culture Train is planned to convey Bavarian visitors next year.
15.04.2014 The completely renovated interior by Adolf Loos at Klatovská 12 is to be used for culture
18.03.2014 Světovar Culture Factory to be opened in one years´s time
16.01.2014 European Capital of Culture 2015 will be opened in exactly a year’s time
18.02.2014 Pilsen 2015 is gearing up for a season of Le Cirque Nouveau, great exhibitions and the opening of industrial premises
18.02.2014 The open call for “Foster the City” will present its most interesting ideas
30.04.2013 Debate project Kulturquell