Bus Line 2015

The original culture bus realised from the artistic draft of Petr Nikl and Ondřej Smeykal has been touring the region since September 2012. It is no accident that Bus Line 2015 looks like a sales vehicle. It has been designed in the same way but it brings culture instead of bread to the more remote corners of the region. The bus is equipped with a stage, sound system, lights, its own electro stations and a roof – a big inflatable "bubble” that can offer a dry space for up to 90 viewers. It has a permanent technical and acting crew ensuring the smooth running of individual journeys. You can see the bus at various regional cultural events of local organisers but also in Bavarian border areas and at significant events and festivals in the Czech Republic. The programme is customised each time for the particular place and organiser. The main programme is based on theatre and dance shows, musical productions and concerts, and creative workshops for children. In the summer of 2014, this mobile community, information and culture centre accompanied the festival 6 Weeks of Baroque.

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