Flagship project: Hidden city


The project Pilsen – Hidden City is one of the flagship projects of Pilsen 2015. The European Capital of Culture.  It works through that allows local citizens share knowledge about local history and contribute to the making of breathing city identity.

The project supports individual and community residential development and offers leisure original activities. The main aim of the project is to support economical activity of local people especially in tourism through the connectivity of cultural heritage and new technologies. The Hidden City is an unusual city guide complete with authentic experiences and personal memories, it guides you through unsuspected parts of history and the current time of Pilsen.

The project is divided into 4 main sections:

  • A MAP;

Each offers a­ different way of discovering the city.  Two parts of them – the digital map and the application were created by the collaboration with the civic association KVAS.


Read more than 100 stories of Pilsen in our on-line map at mapa.skrytemesto.cz

The Hidden City map returns stories to places where they happened. Significant events, strong personal stories and humorous tales get alive with the help of historians and contemporaries. The digital Hidden City map presents the work of a broad team of historians, researchers, contemporaries and other colleagues lead by joint effort – to tell a story of the city through specific places and events. The map currently contains hundreds of stories. We want to continually develop the map and add a modern layer of the city – views of people who live here now. Our long-term aim is to create a digital archive of Pilsen which will become a valued source of information about the city. The map is optimized for mobile phones so you can take it with you to the streets. For those who like printed version, we offer printed guide „Průvodce skrytou Plzní“.


Download free mobile application with 7 different guides of Pilsen at aplikace.skrytemesto.cz

The mobile application will let you put yourselves in the place of seven Pilsen residents and see the city through their eyes; to meet people they meet, to see what they see, to visit their favourite places. These guides represent different views on the city. You can choose your guide. Maybe the designer Veronika will persuase you that life should have style. She makes illustrations and works with multi-media and light installations. The architect Martina sees the city as a catalogue of opportunities; she knows almost every important building in her home city. With the war veteran Tony, you can reminisce about the liberation of Pilsen and experience a city marked by regimes. Each character has its own route, favourite places and friends you can meet, let them guide you around or have a beer with.

The app will also offer a complete cultural programme of Pilsen 2015 and other practical information that will make your stay easier. The app works with Android and iOS. The mobile application will be available in Czech, English and German languages.


See how Pilsen citizens perceive their city in two photo exhibitions in DEPO2015 at fotoalbum.skrytemesto.cz

What was and is the everyday life of Pilsen citizens? How and where do they spend their free time or weekends, where do they like to meet in Pilsen? The aim of the Pilsen Family Photo Album project is to peek into the past and present lives of Pilsen citizens, to discover the identity and the character of the city through a family photo album made of collected old and new photographs by Pilsen residents. From the collected pictures, we prepared a web gallery and two exhibitions in the creative zone DEPO2015. The first exhibition titled “Hidden City” will present the results of the first stage of collecting photographs from Pilsen citizens and the closing exhibition called

“A Paradise Between Four Rivers” will present the final selection from Pilseners’ family albums. The project will also offer temporary exhibitions based on materials from Pilsen archives and student works. Exhibition is in Czech and English language.


Go for city walks with local inhabitants at  pohostinnost.skrytemesto.cz

A view of an ordinary city, its everyday life made of people‘s stories and memories can be best conveyed by people who live here. Neighborhoods walks give visitors a unique opportunity to discover the city through stories narrated by Pilsen citizens. The walks will introduce both the history and presence of various places and take visitors away from the city centre, to residents and places off the beaten track.

Neighborhood walks will take place regularly on the first Saturday of every month. Apart from community walks and routes in the mobile application, you can discover the city in another way. Through offers by particular Pilsen citizens – inspirational residents of the city. You can choose an interesting character and a topic you want to talk to them about while having a beer in the pub or you decide whether you would prefer a walk with contemporaries or a visit to an art studio or other cultural spaces. You can learn something new too in a beer-brewing course or authorial writing course. Most of hospitality offers are available in Czech, English and German languages.

You can find complete programme in Hospitality section. You can also buy tickets on Neighborhood Walks or original activities at www.plzenskavstupenka.cz a www.eventim.cz, tickets can be purchased in Meetingpoint, KD Peklo or all pre-sale points  of Pilsen Ticket. In case of ordering individual group tickets with an extra date please contact pohostinnost@plzen2015.cz.

Partners: The Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the University of West Bohemia (FF ZČU), the Pilsen City Library, Archiv města Plzně (the Archives of the City of Pilsen), Starý most s.r.o., Český rozhlas (Czech Radio), MF Dnes, Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s. (Pilsner Urquell), Plzeň zastávka, the urban districts Městská část Plzeň 1, Městská část Plzeň 2, Městská část Plzeň 3, Městská část Plzeň 4, the Faculty of Design and Art (FUD), the Faculty of Cybernetics, the Department of Sociology, www.plzenska-televize.cz, the West Bohemian Museum, Státní oblastní archiv (State Regional Archives), Paseka Publishers, the J. K. Tyl Theatre, ABS – Security Services Archive, Totem – Regional th for Volunteering, Maják Plzně (Pilsen Lighthouse)


The Pilsen Architecture Manual is a younger sibling of the more famous Brno Architecture Manual, an interactive guide to interesting city architecture. A database of over 140 of the most significant architectural objects and construction complexes of the first half of the 20th century is being created in Pilsen. These objects are linked to three trails which will guide you through the historic core of the city and the wider city centre, the southern suburbs and Bezovka. The backbone of the project connecting these individual trails is a special Loosian line connecting the places where interiors designed by Adolf Loos and his associates were installed.
To find out more, please visit www.verejnyprostorvplzni.cz.