Flagship project: Imagination Factories

There are at least five industrial estates in Pilsen which will open to the public in 2015, doubling as places dedicated to art: The Pilsner Urquell Brewery invites you to come for concerts at the Visitor Centre or enjoy tours and stories connected with the craft of brewing; a cutting-edge science centre and planetarium has been created within the premises of Škoda Pilsen; the culture centre Pap–rna is expanding in the compound of Papírna (the paper mill); and the former depot of the Pilsen City Transport Company is undergoing a transformation into the creative zone of DEPO 2015 – Creative Business Support Centre, one of the largest exhibition venues in Pilsen. A lot of determination is also being channelled into the completion of the reconstruction transforming Světovar into a cultural centre. We are working to demonstrate that the success of Pilsen as a city of industry is connected with an environment that nurtures openness, creativity, art and education.

In April 2015, we will kick things off with the DOMUS exhibition at the DEPO, which should become a year-round place of pilgrimage for visitors to Pilsen. Pap-rna will offer an exhibition called Mud, Misery and Bohemians (Bahno, bída, bohémové) presenting the fate of the citizens of the town of Stod on their journey to New Zealand as well as a range of new independent projects. We believe that you will all share a picture from your family photo album so that you can come and see the exhibition called Pilsen Family Photo Album at DEPO 2015. DEPO 2015 will offer also a range of concerts and theatrical pieces presenting individual cultures from Europe and beyond.