Flagship project: The Baroque Beauty of West Bohemia

The Pilsen Region abounds with Baroque treasures; it was the meeting place of the architects Santini and Dietzenhofer. The Baroque landscape has its unique atmosphere and the churches, monasteries and cities are awaiting new visitors. The festival 9 Weeks of Baroque brings a unique opportunity to encounter Baroque and contemporary culture in the environment of Baroque monuments, with the aim of creating a brand out of West Bohemian Baroque which will attract visitors from all over Europe.

9 Weeks of Baroque: Experience Baroque with All Your Senses

Smells, tastes, music, buildings, paintings and the Baroque landscape await you during 9 summer weeks in 9 areas of the Pilsen Region. A phenomenal complex of Baroque monuments will play the main role during a great summer festival. Visitors can look forward to Baroque Nights with historic fireworks and top-class music productions accompanied by, among other things, exquisite Czech cuisine. Visitors will be offered the selection of the TOP 63 places which represent the best of the Bohemian Baroque and are "must-sees". Each week-long term will focus on a single area. The start is symbolically dedicated to the area of Nepomuk/Spálené Poříčí – the cradle of St. John of Nepomuk, the most famous Czech saint, whose myth has its origins in the Baroque period. The next week will be focused on the Klatovy region. The main topics here are the Jesuits and the miraculous Madonna Klatovská. Chotěšov/Přeštice is the third area presented, located at a junction of pilgrim paths and another miraculous Madonna – Divotvůrkyně Přeštická. The area of Tachov/Planá invites us on a journey towards springs and a Baroque pilgrimage. The Domažlice area is associated with the tradition of the Chods (Chodové), a still lively folklore with Baroque roots. The Stříbro/Kladruby area is dominated by its unique monastery Kladruby, just now celebrating the nine hundredth anniversary of its foundation, as well as by Baroque castles. You can encounter dozens of Santini's stars in the form of unique buildings in the area of Plasy/Mariánská Týnice/Radnice. A landscape of Baroque statues awaits you in the area of Nečtiny and Manětín, decorated by the pearl in its centre – Manětín Chateau. The festival will be concluded by the programme in the area of Sušice, in the countryside under the wings of the Guardian Angel. From Monday to Wednesday and on Sundays, individual areas will come to life thanks to the various programmes of our organising partners. The main programme will be prepared every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, taking place at the most significant sights and places. In addition to the aforementioned Baroque nights, visitors will be able to enjoy the main musical programme. Audiences will be offered several large musical events, concerts, operas and masses performed by the best Czech music ensembles engaging in so-called authentic, as well as modern interpretations. Foremost of the most significant events will be the renewed world premiere of the Baroque coronation opera by J. J. Fux "Costanza e fortezza" at the historically accurate replica of the wooden Baroque theatre (Musica Florea & Theatrum floreum, Světce Riding School in Tachov), "Mass in B Minor" by J. S. Bach (Collegium 1704, Kladruby Monastery), the Baroque puppet opera by F. Cavalli "La Calisto" (Collegium Marianum & Buchty a loutky, Zelená Hora at Nepomuk), the oratorio "Messiah" by G. F. Händel (Czech Ensemble Baroque, Manětín) and "Water Music" by the same composer (Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra, Kozel Chateau), and the renewed world premiere of "Requiem” by the Dobřany native J. J. I. Brentner, whose music spread through Jesuit missions as far afield as Argentina and Bolivia (Ensemble Inégal, Přeštice).

Nepomuk / Spálené Poříčí ♦ 29 June – 5 July

Klatovy region ♦ 6 – 12 July

Chotěšov / Dobřany / Přeštice ♦ 13 – 19 July

Tachov / Planá ♦ 20 – 26 July

Konstantinovy Lázně / Stříbro ♦ 27 July – 2 August

Domažlice ♦ 3 – 9 August

Plasy / Mariánská Týnice / Radnice ♦ 10 – 16 August

Manětín / Nečtiny / Rabštejn ♦ 17 – 23 August

Sušice ♦ 24 – 30 August

Costanza e fortezza

The Baroque coronation opera by J. J. Fux and P. Pariati will be performed on a wooden, historically accurate copy of the theatre stage of Florea Theatrum, based on unique construction technology from the peak of the Baroque era in accordance with stage design parameters in Český Krumlov, Litomyšl and the Swedish Royal Palace in Drottningholm. The renewed world premiere of this opera, the first since its one-off performance in the year 1723 during the coronation of Charles VI as Czech King in Jelení příkop (Deer Ditch) at Prague Castle, will be set in the unique premises of the Světce Riding School in Tachov. It is an example of contemporary European culture being shared within the field of culture as well as research and science. The music will be played by the world's most renowned Czech music ensemble of authentic interpretation, Musica Florea, and the best soloists of the Czech music scene, led by Marek Štryncl. The accompanying dance will be performed by the respected Ensemble Hartig under the guidance of Helena Kazárová, a specialist in Baroque dance and gestures. The festival’s partners are Brána Jízdárny otevřená (The Opened Gate of the Riding School), the Municipal Cultural Centre of Tachov and the town of Tachov.

Světce Riding School in Tachov ♦ 31 July

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