Flagship project: The Cultural Wealth of Pilsen

Festivals and the Cultural Wealth of Pilsen

Pilsen can boast many significant and high-quality cultural institutions which are engaged in the programme of the European Capital of Culture Pilsen 2015: the Theatre of J. K. Tyl with its modern New Theatre and the programme of the European Theatre Season, further productions and the rich programme of the Festival Theatre; the Alfa Theatre with a special edition of the festival Skupa’s Pilsen; the Gallery of the City of Pilsen with exhibitions of Jiří Trnka, Ladislav Sutnar and contemporary artists; the West Bohemian Gallery with its series of exhibitions also mentioned among the Flagship Projects; the West Bohemian Museum with new permanent exhibits, as well as a rich programme of exhibitions at its various branches; the Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra with special concerts and an extended programme of The Smetana Days Festival; the Pilsen City Library cooperates on literary events; the Education and Research Library hosts exhibitions and projects; and the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art of the University of West Bohemia presents exhibitions and educational programmes. Pilsen’s cultural wealth is also increasing in its independent scene, where every evening comes alive in music clubs and non-profit organisations such as Johan, Pap–rna, Zastávka, Divadlo pod lampou (Theatre under the Lamp), Envic, Žonglér and Ledovec, as well as festivals such as Lively Street, Summer of Theatre under the Pilsen Sky and many others. All of these organisations and many more are involved in preparation of the programme for the European Capital of Culture, demonstrating the long journey to Europe the city has had to undertake during the project’s preparation. These are the institutions and actions that will carry the legacy of the European Capital of Culture into the future. Open your heart to them and enjoy a rich programme in their company!