Japan Fest 2015

A festival of Japanese culture as part of Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015 and the celebrations marking 25 years of partnership between the cit- ies of Pilsen and Takasaki.
Throughout the more than two decades of its existence, Japanese Culture Week has grown into one of the important pillars of the city‘s culture. Standing at its inception was the extraordinarily prolific partnership between Pilsen and the Japanese city of Takasaki, a bond that will celebrate a quarter of a century of existence in 2015. The Czech-Japanese collaboration has drawn additional inspiration from the hugely popular Tea Culture Festival, organised since 2002 by Bezejmenná čajovna (The No Name Tearoom) at the Kozel Chateau in collaboration with the Czech-Japanese Association. Japan Fest 2015 continues this living cultural tradition and will offer a dramaturgically extraordinary programme this year.
The Pilsen public can look forward to more than thirty projects that will be rolled out over the course of the year: film works, dance performances of various genres and photography exhibitions as well as traditional Japanese arts such as calligraphy, bonsai and the shogi board game. Highlights of Japan Fest 2015 include the performance by the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra, a multimedia installation by Ryoji Ikeda and an exhibition of the calligraphic works of the phenomenal Japanese artist Shoko Kanazawa. A visit by tutors in traditional Japanese disciplines from the sister city of Takasaki is also bound to warm the hearts of the Pilsen public.