KULTURQUELL 2014 – a one-on-one debate with extraordinary personalities

The best work is that which you invent yourself


WHEN: 23rd May 2014, 3pm–5pm one-on-one chats; 5:45 pm a joint debate of all personalities

WHERE: Czech Radio Pilsen (Český rozhlas Plzeň) building, Náměstí Míru 10, Plzeňs

Participants can book up to four 30-minute chats; to register, go to Guests in the menu below. More personalities will continue to be added.


  1. Choose a personality you want to meet
  2. Choose a time for the meeting
  3. Fill in your contact details and a statement on the topic


Kulturquell is an original debate event that is part of the Pilsen – European Capital of Culture 2015 project. It is based on half-hour, one-on-one chats with interesting personalities from public life. The invited guests come from different countries and different walks of life and their relationship to culture, art and the creative industries in general need not be apparent at first sight.

The topic of what is already the third year of this non-traditional conference is creativity in the creation of work positions. Creativity also shows in how people look for and create work. Creative people create work both for themselves and for others. They don’t create it out of nothing; they create it through cooperation. Where one has no work, two can think of some. Where there is no workforce required, a project may succeed. Where there is no work for a musician, a commission for an orchestra might be found.

Come to the unique building of Czech Radio Pilsen to discuss how one can put their own ideas into effect, in what ways state authorities should support start-up businesses, or whether the economy is more in need of large factories or small businesspeople!

The event has two stages. Between 3pm and 5pm you can book up to four 30-minute interviews with interesting personalities. Then, at 5:45 pm, the radio studio will play host to a debate between these personalities, to be broadcast live and which you can participate in as part of the audience in the studio.

Entry is free; registration is required for individual interviews (here).

Among those who have promised to come to Pilsen on this occasion are Radek Špicar, Vice-President of the Federation of Industry and Trade; investor Margareta Křížová; and a successful designer not only of sex toys Anna Marešová. Other debaters will include the former Deputy Estonian Minister of Culture Ragnar SiilSabrina Sadowska, the manager of Ballett Chemnitz and founder of the Foundation Dance – Transition Centre Germany, which assists dancers after they end their professional careers; Robert Peňažka, one of the leading figures of Czech advertising and founder of the Yinachi studio; Jana Vinšová, founder of Czechdesign; Petr Vizina, head of the culture programme of Czech TV; and Jakub Žákavec and the conductor Debashish Chaudhuri, who initiated an artistic intervention at a retirement home.

Kulturquell is co-organised by the For a Cultured Czech Republic initiative, with the support of Czech Radio Pilsen.



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Jakub Žákavec and Debashish Chaudhuri

together made a retirement home sing

Bio and Booking

Investor Margareta Křížová

follows common sense in business rather than rules from the textbook.

Bio and Booking

Designer Anna Marešová

is good at designing trams as well as dildos

Bio and Booking

Editor Petr Vizina

writes texts for a Czech TV literature programme

Bio and Booking

Manager Jana Vinšová

feeds her colleagues.

Bio and Booking

A different Robert Peňažka

is an uncle of the Kašpárek v rohlíku band.

Bio and Booking

Expert Ragnar Siil

Expert Ragnar Siil

Bio and Booking

Prima ballerina Sabrina Sadowska

always has a Plan B

Bio and Booking

Chief Happiness Officer Michal Šraje

takes care of employees’ happiness

Bio and Booking

Eve and Peter, a startup couple

tweak their dreams to make them come true.

Bio and Booking