Pilsen for Bees

There is more about bees than just honey; our lives are connected with them. This non-traditional programme is built on the gradual forming of confidence in the safety and benefits of the whole project. Our lives are directly dependent on bees, as they pollinate 40% of the food we eat. This act, which most people do not realise, provides us with a daily supply of sufficient fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Bees constitute a delicate fabric leading through our lives but an increase in the use of chemicals in agriculture has had devastating consequences. The essence of the project is to spread knowledge about the importance of bees in our lives through cultural and environmental lectures and practical demonstrations of breeding colonies of bees. This is done in order to teach both children and adults to be responsible and to prevent allergic reactions. No similar project has been implemented anywhere in Europe to date. Therefore, we can be one of the first few cities in the world where people realise that human society cannot exist without bees. 

Projects 2015+

One of the most important criteria for the success of the European Capital of Culture project is its sustainability. “Projects 2015+” includes projects which should continue on and further develop cultural life in Pilsen. Some of the projects are mentioned in previous chapters (European Neighbours’ Day, artist residencies, The Hidden City, Foster the City, etc.); others relate to creative industries in Pilsen.