Projects 2015+ /Everfund

The National Theatre was restored after a fire thanks to numerous small and large financial contributions from the public. The largest encyclopaedia in the world, Wikipedia, was founded thanks to thousands of people who contributed just by adding a piece of information. Everyone does what they can, but nobody can do everything. With the motto “Sharing Resources”, the new internet portal aims to connect people and help to realise ideas which would otherwise remain in a drawer. Crowdsourcing, or the sharing of resources within a community, enables active people to find colleagues and supporters who want to participate in their project or support it somehow. How? For example by providing soil for the construction of community gardens, graphic processing of posters for a music festival, contributing CZK 250 to make a film about the development of Pilsen, or renting a van for the transportation of a printing machine...

That is not all. Everfund offers help and advice in the process of project preparation and provides a shared workspace as a meeting place. The goal is not only to implement projects but also to foster functioning and friendly relations between people which will outlive the duration of these projects themselves. You don’t have a project? Never mind, you'll find plenty of them at the link! Just choose one and hop on! Everfund is not limited by place or time, the platform was launched on the 1st of April 2014 and it should be in operation well beyond the year 2015.

Successfully completed projects involve, for example, renovation of a burnt-out clubhouse for 40 scout children in České údolí in Pilsen, where people donated over CZK 80,000, and help with renovation of the building of the Waldorf School in Dobromysl. Thanks to supportive responses from the public and the interest of the media, the photo-club in Pilsen was able to get rid of the darkness in their newly established studio by purchasing the required flashlights. Dozens of other projects are gathering support right now!

Projects 2015+

One of the most important criteria for the success of the European Capital of Culture project is its sustainability. “Projects 2015+” includes projects which should continue on and further develop cultural life in Pilsen. Some of the projects are mentioned in previous chapters (European Neighbours’ Day, artist residencies, The Hidden City, Foster the City, etc.); others relate to creative industries in Pilsen.