Projects 2015+ /OPEN A.i.R.

Thanks to the residency programme OPEN A.i.R., since 2012 artists have been able to open up the scene in Pilsen and to exchange ideas, creative experiences, procedures, techniques and contacts. The project enables Czech artists to work abroad and artists from around the world to come to Pilsen to create.

The aim of the programme is to form site-specific works, especially in a public space context. Productions presented in public spaces offer a variety of options as to how to involve the general public in the creative processes. Various artists from different genres gather at the residence, including in particular from the performing arts, new circus, new media and community art.

The programme of OPEN A.i.R. does not neglect working with the audience and education. Residencies are a tool used to reveal the creative process and the role of the artist in our society. Through regular meetings with artists and visits to their workshops, people will be able to familiarise themselves with the procedures with which current art is made, where artists draw their inspiration from, how they proceed in their work and why. People are not just mere spectators or observers but active participants in the creative process and resulting works.

We think it is important to be part of an international network of partners who are interested in bilateral cooperation and artistic exchanges related to the aforementioned topics and approaches. We are currently closely cooperating with residential programmes and centres in Slovakia (Košice 2013), Poland (Wroclaw 2016), Germany (Kunstverein GRAZ e.V, Regensburg, Kulturforum, Potsdam), the Netherlands (Morel Spatie, Arnhem), Japan (Youkobo ArtSpace), France (CEAAC, Strasbourg), Belgium (RAVI, Liège) and more.

Projects 2015+

One of the most important criteria for the success of the European Capital of Culture project is its sustainability. “Projects 2015+” includes projects which should continue on and further develop cultural life in Pilsen. Some of the projects are mentioned in previous chapters (European Neighbours’ Day, artist residencies, The Hidden City, Foster the City, etc.); others relate to creative industries in Pilsen.