Projects 2015+ /The Creative Incubator

Pilsen is a city of creative people. The Creative Incubator strives to enable these creative people to develop and share their work. Through its services, it can help to start companies or develop existing ones. It enables management skills to be boosted and creative capabilities to be developed, and supports cooperation among companies from different sectors.

Due to the fact that creative people do not just work by themselves but often cooperate with others, an integral part of The Creative Incubator is a shared workspace for meeting people for what is known as coworking. It is a place where, for example, a designer meets a scooter manufacturer and they prepare a competitive product, or an architect meets with local inhabitants to create a playful urban facility.

The coworking space and The Creative Incubator are open to users from all over the Czech Republic and from abroad. In 2015, it will be part of the Cultural Factory in the former Depot. Until then, the shared space of Pilsen 2015 is being operated by wo–co husovka on Hus Square and it is still open to new members. Since May 2014, it has served as a place for workshops and courses, meetings of members, consultations on projects of the Everfund platform and regular meetings of Everfund Offline, presenting interesting projects in Pilsen.

Projects 2015+

One of the most important criteria for the success of the European Capital of Culture project is its sustainability. “Projects 2015+” includes projects which should continue on and further develop cultural life in Pilsen. Some of the projects are mentioned in previous chapters (European Neighbours’ Day, artist residencies, The Hidden City, Foster the City, etc.); others relate to creative industries in Pilsen.