Regio 2015

Regio 2015 is a programme covering forty Czech-Bavarian projects. The most significant activities include the Train for Culture, Flowers for Pilsen and the concert of the boys’ choir Domspatzen from Regensburg. Regio2015 includes activities based on the collaboration of individual artists and artistic associations from the Pilsen Region and Bavaria as well as large-scale events representing various genres. Regio2015 is produced by Plzeň 2015, o.p.s., the Bavaria Bohemia Centre and the city of Regensburg. It is funded by the funding programme Target 3 Czech Republic – Free State Bavaria 2007-2013.


► The Train for Culture
The daily train connection between Munich and Prague on the Regensburg–Pilsen route will turn into the Train for Culture for 40 weekends in 2015. A special carriage will offer a rich cultural programme inviting people to visit Pilsen, the European Capital of Culture 2015. The programme will present the cultural diversity of the neighbouring regions – Pilsen and Bavaria. Each train journey will be accompanied by music (soloists or small groups and bigger bands), dance, literature, theatre, action art, magic shows, performances, arts and crafts, pantomime, paintings or photography. The Train for Culture will offer passengers the services of a guide speaking German, Czech and English who will inform them about the programme of the European Capital of Culture 2015. The Train for Culture has the potential to address many people interested in culture, make them enthusiastic about the project of the European Capital of Culture 2015 and turn the journey from Regensburg to Pilsen into a cultural and cross-border social experience. This train will be the mobile ambassador of Pilsen 2015.

► Flowers for Pilsen
The Bavarian compliments for the European Capital of Culture called Flowers for Pilsen will arrive in Republic Square on 26th April 2015. This Sunday full of arts and culture will symbolically close the Bavarian culture days. The aim of the Bavaria Bohemia Centre in Schönsee, which organises the event, is to entice several thousand Bavarian visitors to Pilsen. A special train pulled by a steam engine will arrive from Maxhütte-Haidhof carrying 700 visitors. As the event’s title suggests, on this day the citizens of Pilsen will receive thousands of spring flowers from Bavaria as a sign of friendship. The day’s rich programme will present the diverse cultural scene of Bavaria and will try to engage as many citizens of Pilsen and the region as possible. The programme will include installation of the flower logo of the European Capital of Culture on the square, a brass band and music groups from Bavaria, a show called Organ & Light in the St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, artistic performances, open-air theatre shows, children’s games, presentations of foreign tourist destinations and gourmet experiences.
26th April

► Café Europa
Try to imagine that you are sitting in Pilsen drinking coffee and talking to someone who is sitting in Mons, Kaliningrad, Amsterdam or Sarajevo. And you are listening to the lecture of a great French winemaker, taking part in a workshop learning how to make Belgian chocolate, visiting an alternative cultural centre in the Netherlands…. All of this is possible thanks to Café Europa.

The Café Europa project utilises modern digital technologies and allows people to share adventures, experiences and entertainment at the same time in various European cities. Thanks to the audio-visual link people can discuss various topics with people from other European cities while drinking coffee as well as regularly meeting or working on joint projects. The guarantor of the project is the partner city of Mons which, thanks to its focus on "digital technologies for the broader public”, is moving this programme closer to open source and modern DIY – i.e. 3D printers, prototype creation, user manual sharing etc., making it accessible to people who have not yet heard about it.

The first link took place in March 2014; other themed links will be organised in 2015 and everyone can take part. Café Europa in Pilsen is situated in the Husovka Centre (Husovo náměstí 9) at the co-working space and it will be moved to DEPO in 2015 and regularly function there.

► News garden – info: reload
The show of the choreographer Michi Purucker is in a commercial shop window, taking place at the intersection of public and private space and reflecting a local dimension, world events and intimate emotions.

► Theatre camp Chotěšov – Pilsen
This theatre and music project will use up to 70 rooms at the Chotěšov monastery. Artists and students from specialised and vocational schools and academies from the Czech-Bavarian neighbouring regions will create a theatrical and acoustic landscape and a cross-border theatrical play.
April – September

► Acoustic Bridges
The conductor and artistic director of Ostbayerisches Jugendorchester (the East Bavarian Youth Orchestra) will arrange a meeting of professional musicians, disabled children and top managers from various fields on one stage. The aim is to connect the seemingly disconnected and to try and go beyond our own limits.
19th September

► Look Me in the Eyes
A meeting of Czech and Bavarian youth artistic schools has been conducted in 2014 by Irene Fritz from the Kalmreutz artistic workshop on both sides of the border. It will culminate in 2015 in the first Czech-Bavarian day of arts schools, full of workshops for children and teachers.

► Meeting places, Cultural places 2015
Ten to twelve breaks in the border region and the revival of interesting places by culture: castle ruins, empty industrial spaces, wild nature or public spaces in the city.

► Musical Bridge 2015
Bridges between the Bavarian and Czech partnering cities will be created by music. There will be ten to fifteen musical performances with Czech and Bavarian musicians of various styles at interesting places corresponding to Pilsen 2015 themes: baroque, industrial heritage, land art etc.

► The tree of wishes on a journey
A small artistic workshop in the form of a tree with hidden wishes will be placed around six Bavarian and Czech cities and villages. The authors of the idea, Philipp Klein and Andy Dünne, and students at individual schools will erect a tree with colourful pegs with hidden wishes for Pilsen 2015.

► Zoes Bio Box II
The dance performance of the choreographer Alexandra Karabelas will allow Czech and German dancers to address their (sometimes shared?) Czech-German roots, their own identities, their connection to the place and to engage the audience.

► The Fairy-tale Wandering
The Czech-German telling of fairy tales at schools on the Czech and Bavarian (Upper Palatinate) side of the border. The fairy storyteller Oliver Machander and his Czech colleague Jana Věžníková entertain and educate children. The tour around Czech schools will end during Bavarian Days 2015 in Pilsen.

► The Document for the Capital of Culture
Following the tradition of the Regensburg World Heritage Document, calligrapher Hans Maierhofer will create the Capital of Culture 2015 Document with a friendship quotation. The ceremonial handover to the partner city will take place on the Flowers for Pilsen day.
26th April

► Artist in residence
Thanks to the collaboration with Kunstverein Graz in Regensburg, one artist from Pilsen will have the opportunity to stay and create in Regensburg and Pilsen will invite an artist from Regensburg in reciprocity. The output will be a joint catalogue.

► Literature in Boots
Writers from the Association of East Bavarian and West Bohemian writers will travel together from Regensburg to Pilsen. There will be Czech-Bavarian author readings at individual stops in the open countryside as well as at schools and cultural buildings.

► Sparrows from Regensburg
A concert by the world-famous boys’ choir from the Regensburg cathedral will be one of the highlights of Bavarian Days 2015.
23rd April

► Crime stories on beer mats
Four German authors will write a short detective story about Pilsen. Short enough to fit on one side of a beer mat. Literature and the programme of the European Capital of Culture will be distributed among the broader public.

► EXPO 2015 Milan
The Czech pavilion in Milan will be transformed into a piece of Pilsen paradise for 2 weeks in June 2015. The interactive presentation and live culture will be presented together by the Pilsen Region, Pilsen – Tourism and Pilsen 2015.