The Hospitality of Pilsen

Residents revealing Pilsen to you

The Hospitality of Pilsen project offers citizens an opportunity to present to visitors the city where they live, their customs and their culture. They are encouraged to invite visitors to their homes or workplaces, buy them a beer or invite them to a tasting of local specialities, take them for a walk around their neighbourhood or tell them about their own city experiences.

Neighbourhood strolls will be arranged for Pilsen’s citizens on the first Saturday of every month, starting in March 2015. Those interested will be taken to places outside the city centre, among residents, to housing development areas, to places an ordinary tourist has no opportunity to visit. They will discover the memories and identities of the individual urban districts. We will ride through some of them on bikes or scooters, mention some iconic Pilsen bars or prepare a fun stroll for kids as well as a walk focused on discovering Pilsen from the viewpoint of people with disabilities. The project is committed to a sustainable form of tourism, the social and economic benefits of which directly target local residents. With this in mind, another part of the programme will include the offer of accommodation. A visitor to Pilsen will be able to stay with selected residents around the city, granting an excellent opportunity to discover the given location, the community, the customs and the lives of the local residents. Neighbourhood dinners will also be organised in a similar fashion, accompanied by narrations about the local cuisine, its traditions and culinary methods. Visitors will be able to taste and compare, gaining an even deeper insight into the history and tradition of Pilseners. They will also be able to choose souvenirs from a unique range collaboratively created by a designer and the residents, capturing the distinctive character of the city and its culture.

► The Hospitality of Pilsen is a part of Hidden city flagship